Solar Eclipse 2017 Info


AUGUST 21, 2017

20' x 20' Campsites (TENTS ONLY), 3 days (August 18 - August 20, 2017)  $300.00

20' x 20' Campsite, One night only & parking (August 20th) $125.00

ECLIPSE DAY ONLY (August 21st) $75.00 for the day + Parking Pass 

Day of the Eclipse spaces and parking spaces are limited and are offered on a first come first serve basis

If you would like to stay an extra night (August 21, 2017) simply click on the extra night tab to reserve your space for an additional $100.

Click HERE to view available or assigned campsites  

The Huntington School District will be offering 20' X 20" (Tent Only) camping spaces for $300 for three days. (August 18, 19 & 20, 2017) on the Huntington School Property.  200 spaces are available on a first come first serve basis. Reserve your space today by clicking on the PAYPAL link at the bottom of the page.

There will be several eclipses that pass over the US in the 21st century.  This is only the first, but it has been a long time coming! If you miss this one, you will have to wait seven more years for another, it's true - but why wait!  Besides, the eclipse of 2024 will also be visible from Mexico and Canada, Mexico will be the best place to watch this eclipse.  So don't waste this opportunity and miss out on this chance to see the solar eclipse.  Reserve your campsite today and enjoy what is considered, "America's Eclipse".  See you in Huntington on August 21, 2017!


Huntington, a rural town of 550, lies near the Oregon/Idaho border halfway between Baker City, Oregon and Ontario, Oregon. Huntington, the self-styled “Catfish Capitol of Oregon”, is geographically a part of Oregon’s “High Desert”. The climate is dry and sunny but can get quite cold in the winter and hot in the summer. The town, a former bustling railroad center, has a main street consisting of two grocery/convenience stores, a restaurant, two taverns, a beauty salon/laundromat/tanning salon/liquor store/sporting goods store, a service station, and a post office. The town is also home to two parks, a museum, and a church.

Huntington lies slightly off the centerline of the eclipse making it among the top spots in Oregon to view the Solar Eclipse of 2017.  Observing the Solar Eclipse in Huntington will give you 30 seconds more totality than any other location in Oregon.  At 10:15 AM Pacific Time the Solar Eclipse will be in full totality for a period of two minutes and nine seconds (2:09).  The school and community of Huntington will be hosting numerous events and activities through out the week of the eclipse.  Click HERE to visit Xavier Jubier's Interactive Google Map to see the path of the eclipse over the United States.   



The Huntington School District and the Huntington Chamber of Commerce will be hosting 20' X 20' (TENT ONLY) camp sites for $300 for three days (August 18, 19 & 20, 2017).  A limited number of reserved parking spaces will be available to those staying at the school camp sites.  One parking permit per a camp site will be issued until campsites are sold out. Possessing a Reserved Parking Permit does not guarantee you a reserved parking space.  Reserved parking spaces are limited and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.  The parking permit will be issued upon arrival and must be displayed in the window of your vehicle while parked in a reserved parking area.  

Spaces will be randomly assigned as they are purchased. If multiple campsites are purchased in one transaction the school will make all efforts to locate the lots as close together as possible.  For an Ariel view of the campsites, click HERE

NOTICE: All camp sites are located on property owned and controlled by the Huntington School District 16J.  All campers must comply with all Federal, State, County and local laws and District Policies and Procedures governing theses properties.  We strongly encourage you to click the blue, "Campsite Rules and Regulations" link and read the list of campsite rules and restrictions prior to submitting your reservation request and payment.



Click HERE to visit the Huntington Chamber of Commerce website and view inforamtion about Huntington and events scheduled during the Solar Eclipse of 2017.


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